Tech: New App Gets You Out Of Awkward Social Situations

Tech: New App Gets You Out Of Awkward Social Situations
Image: Tickle

In its ongoing mission to eliminate face-to-face interactions altogether, the tech world has come up with a real doozy of an app. It’s called Tickle and it gets you out of awkward social interactions (which, according to its creators, occur 2.5 times per week to an average person) by generating a fake phone call.

But how?

According to co-founders Phil Mills and Alex Cornell, all users need to do is touch or move their phone in an awkward manner that triggers the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer and Tickle will promptly generate the aforementioned phone call.

The biggest issue we foresee with using this app is the sheer amount of distrust it will generate between people, especially since the awkward motions required to trigger the app might give you away. Did she really get a phone call? Or is she trying to get out of this conversation? Unless you grab the alleged offender’s cell phone (and make the social interaction that much more awkward), there’s no knowing.

Tickle is currently in private beta mode, but interested parties are free to add their names to the waiting list on the official website. Watch the video below for a full description of the app:

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