Nightwood Is Leaving Williamsburg, But Staying In Brooklyn

Nightwood Is Leaving Williamsburg But Staying In Brooklyn
Nightwood’s Jupiter Cabinet. Image: Nightwood

Nightwood, the Williamsburg purveyor of furniture, textiles, and interiors is officially closing up shop, but unlike other stores, it won’t be decamping to Manhattan any time soon.

According to Bedford + Bowery, the store will close its doors at 111 Grand Street by the end of the month and move to a commercial building at 36 Waverly Avenue in Clinton Hill and just outside the Brooklyn Navy Yards. The move is a strategic one, placing the store just three blocks from the wood shop where owners Ry Scruggs and Nadia Yaron assemble their one-of-a-kind furniture and textiles. And for those of you familiar with Nightwood, their “by appointment only” policy still stands so call ahead before checking out the new location.

Meanwhile, the lease for the building at 111 Grand will be taken over by another interior design store, Sharktooth. The retailer specializes in vintage rugs and bedding found at estate sales, auctions and markets.

Sharktooth will leave behind an empty storefront at 284 Atlantic Avenue.

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