Building Permits Filed For First Buildings In Massive Greenpoint Landing Project

Greenpoint Is Getting Two New Residential Buildings
Image: Park Towers Group

The first buildings in the much-discussed Greenpoint Landing development project will appear in the very near future. According to The Real Deal, the company behind them, Greenpoint Landing Associates, recently filed for two building permits to begin construction at 21 Commercial Street and 33 Eagle Street.

The good news is that both buildings, one with 93 units and one with 98 units, will consist of affordable housing. The bad news? They’re only the first of many buildings to come in the Greenpoint Landing project, which will include massive, glass towers overlooking the East River.

When all is said and done, the development will have 1400 units of affordable housing, 4 acres of open space and a new Pre-K through 8 school with a capacity of 640.

The image below is a layout of the final product:

Greenpoint Is Getting Two New Residential Buildings

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