Neighborhood Crawl: Emmons Avenue in Sheepshead Bay


If you don’t actually live in or around the area, it’s possible that your only acquaintance with Sheepshead Bay is as a subway stop between mainland Brooklyn and the iconic, beachy sprawl of Coney Island. And that’s a crying shame. Because the sleepy waterfront community is wholly unique from anywhere else in the borough; anchored by a sun-dappled, cerulean marina lined with recreational fishing fleets and dinner boats, with vast McMansions on one side, and Emmons Avenue, vibrant with seafood shacks, rowdy Russian clubs, and smoke-wreathed Turkish hookah bars on the other.

That’s why the diverse Sheepshead Bay strip is next on our list of drink-to-dessert neighborhood mini crawls, where we tackle one gastronomically blessed BK block at a time by spreading the love—and your dollars—among some of the tastiest restaurants within.


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