Because The Internet: Here’s Your Guide To Publicly Crying In NYC

A guide to crying in New York City
Image: Aled Lewis

By now, we’re all very aware that the Internet is a strange and wonderful place and without a doubt Tumblr has played a major role in that phenomenon by being the place to go when you’d like to know or see something oddly specific like album covers made of legos or the sad things people pass on the street.

One of the newest (and most NYC-centric) Tumblogs is the NYC Crying Guide, which we heard about through Brokelyn. The site, which  popped up on February 13, capitalizes on the fact that overwhelming emotions can’t always be saved for later in our highly public metropolis and allows melancholy New Yorkers to humorously share where they cried around NYC and rate said location. So far, users have named the 7 train, “The Standing Side of the Escalator,” the Duane Reade at 5th and 44th and a Build-A-Bear Workshop.

The blog is pretty sparse at the moment, but we should all be contributing to it because (A) it’s hilarious, (B) it’s strangely useful and (C) no one has shared a Brooklyn-based crying experience yet.

You can (and like we said, should) share your crying experience by shooting an email to

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