Brooklyn Kombucha: The Perfect Marriage of Ferment and Firmament

Photos by Austin McAllister
No. 15

Kombucha Brooklyn

The Perfect Marriage of Ferment and Firmament


In 2009, Jessica and Eric Childs began distributing three flavors of the healthy, fermented, tea-based concoction in 16-oz. bottles to a few Brooklyn stores. Since then, they’ve expanded their reach across the region, brought the drink to taps at over 50 locations in the city, and started a line of home brew supplies, becoming one of the city’s leading kombucha companies. “Our goal is to introduce a whole new world to kombucha while showing current drinkers awesome new ways to use the ‘buch,” Eric tells us.

Based in the old Pfizer Building in Williamsburg, the company, also known as KBBK, is a perfect fit for its borough. “Kombucha is a ferment—a food that is changed by millions of microorganisms,” Eric says. “In the case of kombucha, it’s tea and sugar changed by bacteria and yeast. If Brooklyn were food, it would definitely be a ferment, constantly adapting to its surroundings, being changed by its millions of occupants. It’s a match made in heaven.”


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