A Map Of The Musicians America Hates Organized By State

A Map Of The Bands America <i>Hates</i> Organized By State
This is Luke Bryan and New York State hates him. Image: Lunchbox LP

Last week, we analyzed and shared results from a map depicting the bands and musicians that Americans love as organized by state. New York came out looking pretty cool because we happen to love British musician James Blake so much, but others, like Wisconsin and their love of Hinder, were not so lucky. 

Accordingly, someone on Tumblr had to respond. Engineer Randal Cooper used Spotify to figure out which artists each state hated/ignored by cross referencing a Top 50 artist’s national popularity with a lack of or lesser popularity in a given state. The results are both perturbing and hilarious.

Let’s start close to home: New York state hates pop country musician Luke Bryan. We can’t stand him and five other states including Rhode Island, New Jersey, Maryland, California and Washington D.C. agreed with us.

Meanwhile, the Midwest is harboring  a not-so-secret dislike for Bob Marley. Folks in Michigan, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama and Tennessee could care less about reggae legend.

Some results from left field: Sibling pop rock outfit, Haim, is disliked by people Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Mississippi and Arizona, Scottish electronic outfit Chvrches have plenty of haters in Delaware, West Virginia and Louisiana and people in Virginia, South Carolina, Hawaii and Oklahoma can’t stand The Rolling Stones.

But the runaway winner of this sad, little contest is R.Kelly, who received a thumbs down from a whopping 15 states. 30 percent of these United States could do without him and it’s a sentiment that stretches from Maine to Washington State.

Too bad, Kells.

A Map Of The Bands America <i>Hates</i> Organized By State
Image: Music Machinery

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