Brace Yourselves: A Chocolate Egg Cream Stout Beer Is Coming

Chocolate Egg Cream stout
Images: Steve Nallan

We know some beer geeks are mouthing (or saying) “ew” right now because not everyone likes beers inspired by food, but some people really, really do when it’s done right. That’s why a report from the Daily News of an upcoming New York Chocolate Egg Cream stout from the Bronx’s Jonas Bronck’s Beer Company is so exciting.

The new beer is modeled after the preferred dessert of children in the 20th century: a combination of chocolate syrup, milk and seltzer with absolutely no trace of eggs and is all about authenticity. Jonas Bronck’s founder Steve Nallen and brewery Ken Hettinger used Fox’s U-Bet, an iconic chocolate syrup produced in Brooklyn since 1895 that’s considered the essential ingredient in a classic egg cream. By most accounts, the beer, which premiered at NYC Beer Week, is a hit.

“It was tremendous,” Bronx Beer Hall owner Anthony Ramirez told the Daily News. “People loved it. It’s a lighter stout, and it has that great dessert-quality chocolate taste to it.”

For now, a distribution deal is being worked out, but the beer should be widely available on tap by April and just in time for Easter.

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