This Snow Is Part of a Bona Fide Cold Snap

An image search for "old man winter" is highly recommended.
An image search for “old man winter” is highly recommended.

This seemingly unending stream of updates about the weather being awful makes us feel like a broken record, but there’s no accounting for the elements, and anyway, misery loves company. So, here goes: the light dusting of snow this morning may have actually been sort of lovely and pleasant, but it’s a harbinger of harsher things to come.

There’s a slight chance that we’ll be getting more snow tomorrow, but mostly we should all brace for temperatures to take a steep drop, yet again. Lows are expected to be in the teens or as low as 10 degrees Thursday and Friday morning, with lots of added windchill, to boot. When things warm up by Sunday (lows in the upper 20s), we’ll likely be treated to a fresh round of wintry mix. If’s 10-day forecast is to be believed, next week should be a bit warmer, but not by much.

Rough, definitely, but as Gothamist points out, we’re still nowhere near the 1948 record for most consecutive days with snow on the ground. Doesn’t mean you have to stop complaining, just a little healthy perspective. Probably cold comfort (get it? sorry), but “it could be worse” is a pretty useful mantra in times like these.

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