Someone Live-Tweeted Another Park Slope Food Co-op Meeting

Someone live tweeted another Park Slope Food Co-op meeting So, the last Park Slope Co-op meeting about whether or not to eliminate the use of plastic produce bags was a full year ago (they’ve already long since gotten rid of plastic shopping bags, as we all should), but it seems the issue still hasn’t really been resolved. And once again, some intrepid members decided to live-tweet the whole thing. 

In addition to Chadwick Matlin (who pioneered the Co-op live tweet thing last time around), the contentious meeting was extensively documented by Slate writer Miriam Krule. Apparently, there was a divide over whether to phase plastic produce bags by charging 20 cents for their use (this in turn sparked sub-arguments about fee exemptions for EBT users, what to do with the extra revenue, etc.). Mostly, it sounds like a pretty exhausting exercise, but a few highlights below:

Ultimately, the measure was voted down, but seems likely to be re-introduced with more of a game-plan in place at a later date. We look forward to more Twitter updates on this in, oh, another year or so.

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