Shuffleboard, Roller Rink Coming To Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 2

Shuffleboard, Roller Rink Coming To Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 2
Image: Dumbo NYC

We can all agree that shuffleboard is a thing now, right?

Yesterday, Community Board 2 announced the opening of Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 2 and the amenities are pretty impressive. The new pier boasts three shuffleboard courts, two bocce courts, five full-size basketball courts, six handball courts, a workout area outfitted with equipment, children’s swings, park amenities like public restrooms and picnic tables and finally, a roller rink.

Yes, a roller rink! The rink will be available for recreational skating (skates will be available for rent on-site) as well as roller hockey and–get this–roller derby.

Though there’s no official opening date, Community Board 2 says Pier 2 will open by spring and permits applications for the various sports courts will become available on April 1.

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