Lena Dunham To Host SNL On March 8

Lena Dunham To Host SNL on March 8
Image: Salon.com

You have to admit, SNL is really fighting tooth and nail to avoid the post-Kristen Wiig, -Fred Armisen, -Bill Hader, -Jason Sudeikis, -Andy Samberg slump any way they can and now they’ve pulled out the big guns. Stereogum is reporting that following this week’s Jim Parsons-hosted episode, the long-running sketch show has booked the host we’ve all been waiting for: Lena Freakin’ Dunham.

The possibilities are endless: Will Lena perform impressions? If so, who? Will there be a Girls parody? (Probably not, since they did on in the Tina Fey episode, but you never know!) Will anyone else from the Girls cast make a guest appearance? Will Marnie sing? Will Lena’s quick-wittedness translate well to live sketch comedy? Is she any good at physical comedy? Will Lena help with the writing?!

We have so many questions!

We’ll be sure to share the promos when they premiere next week and, of course, we’re going to watch and review the crap out of the March 8 episode. Break a leg, Lena!

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