Calexico Finally Opens In Park Slope

Calexico Finally Opens In Park Slope
Image: Calexico

People talk about Calexico the same way you might talk about a transformative religious experience or love at first sight. The Mexican eatery has a loyal cult following and for good reason: the food is ridiculously delicious.

Well, take heed Park Slope, your Calexico has finally opened its doors according to DNAinfo.

After a two-year wait (and we’re guessing, a lot of bureaucracy), Calexico Park Slope opened for business on Friday. Located at 278 Fifth Avenue near First Street, this restaurant is the eighth in the Calexico ever-expanding chain. Current hours are from 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m., but extended hours will go into effect once the eatery secures its liquor license.

The restaurant will offer everything from sandwiches to burritos to grits and tasty sides like guacamole and chips, chili-cilantro fries and black beans with queso fresco. Calexico acolytes know what’s up.

As for you neophytes, check out the full Calexico menu here.

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