Case of the Mondays: A Cab Burst Into Flames On the Williamsburg Bridge Yesterday

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 3.57.32 PM
Image courtesy of Instagram/skaff

Don’t know how we missed this yesterday, but a cab seems to have burst into flames right in the middle of the Williamsburg Bridge early in the afternoon (there’s also a photo of the burned-out aftermath below). Thankfully there were no injuries.

A nightmare, definitely, but seems to have been taken care of safely and quickly (no word right now on what actually caused the fire, though Vision Zero tweeted that it “seems to be unrelated to a crash”).  A reminder, I suppose, that your day could be going worse. And another reminder that even if your car does find itself engulfed in flames, you still have to move it for alternate-side parking.

Image via Keegan Stephen/Twitter
Image via Keegan Stephan/Twitter

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