So Are Winter Fridays A Thing Now?

Image via Flickr/MTA
Perfect time to head to Coney. (Image via Flickr/MTA)

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and as such, even the New York Post‘s trend pieces occasionally hit on something worthwhile. In this case, it’s “Winter Fridays,” a cold-weather equivalent of Summer Fridays that, for the time being, seem mostly geared toward rich people hoping to take off early to ski. Still, this has potential!

The Post’piece has the requisite silly quotes from tech and advertising types, like so: “Any company I’d work for would want to keep their employees happy by letting them take a Friday to shred some ‘pow,’ ” said a salesman at Chelsea-based Zemanta. The implication here being that a lot of people would actually choose their employer based on Winter Friday availability, which is, to put it lightly, an absurd luxury.

But then, taking Friday afternoons to head to the mountains is also presented here as a cheaper, less socially loaded alternative to summers in the Hamptons, which is plausible enough. And no point in needlessly resenting people with the time and means to take ski vacations every weekend—time off is time off, and we’ll happily take what we can get. The takeaway here is clear: stand with the Post. Winter Fridays for all. Starting tomorrow.

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