It’s Getting Warmer, But You’ll Probably Have to Deal With Those Trash Piles For A While

Screenshot via YouTube/Divrai Yoel
Screenshot via YouTube/Divrai Yoel

Minus today’s a pretty nice reprieve from the relentlessly unpleasant winter we’ve been having so far, no? The black ice and snow mountains are starting to clear out, you don’t have to brace yourself to go outside, all that’s really left to make the sidewalk unpleasant are those enormous, soggy, uncleared mountains of trash. Um, about those.

DNAinfo talked to people in Manhattan and Brooklyn who are apparently irate over the ” festering mountains of refuse” that’ve been left behind as garbage trucks have been diverted to help with snow cleanup, as De Blasio warned us they would. Divrai Yoel posted a video of the situation in Williamsburg:

And anecdotally, yeah, this is getting gross. There are stretches of my walk to the train wherein the sidewalk is now 90 percent taken up with overflowing piles of trash. But we’re supposed  to be leaving all this out, while the Department of Sanitation hurries to get back onto its regular pickup schedule. They even released a statement saying, “DSNY crews are performing limited collection service on regularly scheduled days and also picking up backlogged trash and recycling. They will continue to do so as we attempt to get back to our regular schedules… weather permitting.”

“Weather permitting” is a pretty big caveat, granted, but it’s always darkest before the light, or whatever it is that they say. This’ll all be over soon.

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