That Fried PBR Burger May Be Coming To New York

The Fried PBR burger is coming to New York

Good news for anyone looking for a bright spot in this snowy, slushy throwaway month: PYT, the Philadelphia restaurant responsible for that wonderful-looking fried PBR burger, will soon be opening its doors in New York as part of a larger east coast expansion.

The place is largely known for junk food crossover burgers—think Elio’s, Krispy Kreme, and frito pie—but particularly caught our eye last September thanks to a burger topped with a patty of fried PBR (we’re willing to be it’d be even better if it were made with a decent beer, too). It’s early to say whether the fried beer burger will have a permanent place on the New York branch’s menu, but the hybrid-junk-food market being what it is, we’re hoping it inspires legions of imitators, who can all scrum for our affections. Down with the ramen burger, up with the beer burger. As it should have been all along.

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