Don’t You Worry, It’s Going To Snow More Over The Weekend (But Next Week’s Going To Be Warm)

Image via Flickr/Jeffrey Bary
Image via Flickr/Jeffrey Bary

Granted, the worst is definitely over. But lest anyone rest on their laurels about this, a friendly reminder that we’re likely to get between one to three inches of new snow tomorrow.

There’s also a healthy chance we’ll get more snow on Monday, according to the National Weather Service, but after a cold weekend (highs in the upper 20s, lows in the teens), next week looks like it’ll be pretty balmy, with temperatures in the mid-40s and some likely rain, but no more snow (or thundersnow). In other words, a reprieve, or at least enough of a break for all this snow to melt down before the next storm. In the meantime, the Times notes that “enough snow will melt to make black ice a threat for the evening commute.” Something to keep in mind.

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