It Could Be Worse: Seven of New York’s All-Time Biggest Snow Storms

Photo via Sean Davis/Flickr
Photo via Sean Davis/Flickr

So, maybe you just finished a horrible slog to the office, or maybe (hopefully) you’ve turned this weather into a viable excuse not to leave the house. I think we can all agree, though, that it’s real bad out there, right? In a season full of ’em, this is already the worst snow storm yet, by all objective measures!

But it’s by no means the worst one of all time. Weather being what it is and everything, our city’s been crippled by a lot of cartoonishly large snowfalls over the years—why, in 1888, things got so bad that after leaning on a street light to rest, a man’s false teeth got stuck to the pole! At least that hasn’t happened to you today. Anyway, given that no one’s really going to do much in the way of actual work today, no time like the present to reminisce.


  1. Interesting. I can’t stand this kind of writing though, where the first thing said is about enjoying the snow day and how nobody’s really getting any work done today. It’s very bourgeois. Who the hell do you think is running the trains, snow plows and salters, and delivering your food in this weather??! New Yorkers who are working VERY hard today. Have a little humility. Encourage people to tip really well on days like this, and give a smile or thumbs up to the MTA & SDNY employees who are busting their butts while you sit at home looking at blogs.


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