Shoshi Games Tumblr Wins Internet Gold

Shoshi Games Wins Internet Gold
Oh. Em. Effing. Gee.

While we know the real Zosia Mamet is busy fixing up her new three-story home in Bushwick, her Girls alter ego Shoshanna is off ski-jumping, figure skating and bobsledding at the Shoshi Olympic Games, otherwise known as the best thing to come out of Tumblr in the past 24 hours. All the images are Photoshopped, naturally, because real Shosh would never let her amazing hairstyles get ruined by a helmet.

The still-anonymous site popped up yesterday to grand fanfare, as the world marches swiftly onwards under the banner of Let No Olympics Meme Go Unshared! Here are some of the events Shosh has competed in thus far:

Men’s Figure Skating:







Ski Jumping:




And whatever this is:


The Shoshi Games also provides the answer to the question, “Must a Tumblr have the Minimalist theme in order to go viral?” Apparently, yes.



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