Park Slope Gets A Luke’s Lobster

Park Slope gets a Luke's Lobster

Right on the heels of the opening of the neighborhood’s brand new branch of the Grand Central Oyster Bar, reports have started circulating that Park Slope will also be getting an outpost of Luke’s Lobster.

The chain’s vice president, Ben Conniff, is apparently a Park Slope resident, and told the Brooklyn Eagle, “First, Fifth Avenue is home for me, where I do most of my eating and drinking outside my apartment. Second, the neighborhood has the same commitment to traceability, sustainability and pure quality that we have in our menu […] When we open a restaurant, we like to put down roots there and become invested in the community for the long term. We feel that Park Slope has the biggest community of residents and businesses with that commitment to their home and their neighbors, and that’s the vibe we want in our shack – regulars and friendly faces, and lot of frequent diner cards on the wall.”

Which all sounds about right—if any neighborhood would welcome a Luke’s Lobster with open arms, it’s most certainly Park Slope—but do they have to have a monopoly on all the nice seafood places?

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