Bushwick Gets A “Taco Bus,” Full-Time Ethiopian Food

Image via Bunna Cafe/Facebook
Image via Bunna Cafe/Facebook

It was floated as a possibility when Mama Joy’s closed its doors back in November, but now it’s official: Bunna Cafe, which has already built up a huge fan base as a pop-up and Smorgasburg vendor, will take up permanent residence in Mama Joy’s old space at 1084 Flushing. Still sad to see Mama Joy’s go, but Ethiopian food (and good vegan food) is hard to come by, and there aren’t a lot of things as satisfying as forgoing utensils in favor of that wonderfully absorbent bread.

Elsewhere, Bedford + Bowery reports that  Nolita “taco bus” owner Dario Wolos (they’re served out of a VW bus, you see) is looking to set up shop in a space on 20 Grattan Street, pending community board approval. The place would be called “Tortilleria Grattan” and would serve up organic tacos and tequila, among other things. Good developments all around, we’d say.

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