This Weather Has Crossed The Line From Depressing To Actually Dangerous

Winter Weather Is Now Dangerous

We all know the trains have been a disaster the past few days, but in addition to yesterday’s Duane Reade awning collapse, enough incidents are piling up that it may officially be Time To Start Worrying About Things Falling On You.

Bedford + Bowery reports that yesterday, the roof of an empty factory at 45 Morgan partially collapsed (no one was injured, thankfully), and near Stuyvesant Square Park, some ice fell hard enough to smash the back window of a parked Jetta (again, no one was injured). Similar incidents have been reported across the city. This’ll all be over in due time, of course, but in the meantime, watch your step out there (and don’t be like the woman my friend saw walking to work yesterday in suede flats, for god’s sake). Also, may as well relish the opportunity for unlimited complaining (really, there’s no ceiling on how much this sucks) and a legitimate opportunity to avoid the outdoors.

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