How Many Inches of Snow Will We Get Today?

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It’s winter. We are in New York. And so it goes.

Even though it snowed as recently as yesterday, New Yorkers are being advised to prepare for even more snow tonight. Starting this evening, snow will fall. It will fall and fall. It will keep falling. It will land. It will land on the sidewalks and on the streets. It will land on the parked cars and the bikes huddled up against the sides of buildings. It will land on the squat bushes and the towering trees, gracing the largest limbs and the smallest, most spindly branches, turning each treetop into a fractal-like wonder. It will land on the twenty-foot tall stalks of bamboo that one of my neighbors has growing outside her house; and it will weigh down the bamboo until the twenty-foot stalks bend over all the way down to the sidewalk with all that wet weight…bend, but not break, because bamboo is stronger than steel.

But how much will fall? How many inches of snow will we get as mayor Bill de Blasio continues to get an icy “baptism” by blizzard? Six inches. We are supposed to get six inches tonight. Is six inches not enough for you? Are you unimpressed? Well, don’t worry. You’ll have your chance to be nonplussed with the rest of us for whom six inches is more than enough. It’s also supposed to snow all weekend. Inches and inches and inches and inches of snow.

It’s winter. We are in New York. And so it goes.

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