Yes, Another Hotel Is Coming to Williamsburg

Photo via BuzzBuzzHome/Google Maps
Photo via BuzzBuzzHome/Google Maps

We’ve chronicled (and chronicled, and chronicled) Brooklyn’s seemingly unstoppable influx of new hotels, and now, one more to add to the pile, this one in Williamsburg. Per Brownstoner, the five-story, 70,944-square-foot project from developer Charles Blaichman will be located on Driggs and North 4th, which feels in keeping with the street’s near-endless stream of new or under-construction apartments and developments.

DUMBO firm Garrison Architects will be designing the place (BuzzBuzz Home described it as “non-Wythey” but details at this point are scant), and will include 255 rooms, 83 parking spots, retail space, a restaurant, and a roof terrace (ideally, to be made into a rooftop bar). As we’ve said before, it makes plenty of sense that Williamsburg developers are rushing to catch hotel space up to the number of tourists in the neighborhood, but the speed of all this is pretty dizzying nonetheless.

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