The 2014 NYC Beer Week Lineup Is Here!

Photo via The Village Voice

And according to Brew York,  it’s the lineup of our sudsy dreams.

NYC Beer Week is fast approaching (February 21 – March 2) and today the NYC Brewer’s Guild has given us a lot to look forward. First, there’s the beginning and the end: the week will be bookended by two events–an Opening Night Bash at Grand Central’s Vanderbilt Hall and a Closing Brunch at Houston Hall in the West Village.

For $75, attendees will enjoy “rare and obscure” beers from all Brewer’s Guild member breweries (i.e. Bronx Brewery, KelSo, Brooklyn Brewery, etc.) as well as brews from “honorary members” like Allagash, Peekskill and Weyerbacher. Finger foods will be provided by Beer Table and Whole Foods. The Closing Brunch will be a smaller, but no doubt equally rowdy, affair and feature a wonderful selection of good eats served alongside local beers.

Between the 21st and the 2nd, there will be plenty of extravagant (read: slightly pricey) events to choose from like an Urban Oyster brewery tour, a KelSo-sponsered craft beer dinner, a back-to-the-future tasting of vintage beers and, of course, the Brewer’s Choice party at the Wythe Hotel we mentioned not so long ago.

For a more detailed glimpse at the lineup visit Brew York online and we’ll keep you informed as more information is made available. Get ready to drink up, Brooklynites!

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