De Blasio Has Spoken Re: New York’s Best Bagels

Photo via Here's Park Slope
Photo via Here’s Park Slope

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, necessarily—they do have a “Best Bagels in N.Y.C.” sign right out front, after all—but regardless, the gauntlet has been thrown down. When asked for bagel recommendations at a press conference in Washington D.C., De Blasio “unequivocally” threw his weight behind Park Slope’s Bagel Hole as the home of the best bagel in New York, as well as “the most authentic, traditional authentic  New York City bagel.”

The mayor also added that the Bagel Hole’s offerings are “the bagel you would have gotten a century ago. The closest to that is at Bagel Hole.” This, as opposed to the satisfying but cartoonishly oversized offerings at competitors like La Bagel Delight. Bagel Hole actually has a good deal of backing from the likes of Serious Eats and Brokelyn as the source of the city’s best bagels, so on this, seems like De Blasio’s pretty safe from public ridicule. That is, unless we see him eating one scooped.

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