How Expensive Is Your Brooklyn Neighborhood?


We realize you already know the answer to this: Ugh. But Rentenna, a website that rates apartment buildings based on cost, amenities and location, has published an infographic that lets you know just how ‘ugh’ your Brooklyn neighborhood is by listing the median costs of one- and two-bedroom apartments.

Using a handy color scale, the map allows you to see whether your block’s average rent is more expensive (red), about the same (blue) or cheaper than Brooklyn overall (green). The data was collected from about 5,000 apartment listings from the past 30 days, and as winter tends to be more of a renter’s market, there may be more deals (i.e. green) on the map than usual.

Those looking for shockers will find few on the Brooklyn Apartment Rental Price Heatmap. Naturally, most of the red is focused in northwest Brooklyn and around major subway lines, while gentrifying neighborhoods like Crown Heights, Bed-Stuy, and Sunset Park tend to be green. However, those with roommates should consider Bushwick or Greenpoint, where on average, two-bedrooms are just 1.1 times more expensive than one-bedrooms (as opposed to Bay Ridge, where two-bedrooms are 2.1 times the cost of one-bedrooms).

If you’re looking for proximity to fancy coffee shops and other conveniences of a ‘red’ neighborhood, try trading Brooklyn Heights for Fort Greene, Williamsburg for Greenpoint and Park Slope for Windsor Terrace, where rents in the latter are about 25% cheaper.

There’s also a food delivery heatmap, in case you needed another reminder that it is snowing out today and if you give the guy from Seamless a decent-enough tip you don’t have to feel like a d-bag for making him bring you food.


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