Aska Launches Monthly Wine Dinner Next Wednesday


The new Nordic, tasting menu-only restaurant Aska has long been one of our favorite spots in Brooklyn, pretty much since it opened, in fact. And we’re not the only ones, Bon Appétit named the Williamsburg place one of the best restaurants in the country last year. So we’re always excited to see what chef Fredrik Berselius is up to next.

And so we can’t say we weren’t more than a little excited to find out that Aska will soon begin hosting monthly wine dinners in its intimate dining room. The inaugural dinner will be next Wednesday, and will include a five-course dinner accompanied by wine pairings selected by sommelier Doreen Winkler. Also at this dinner, winemaker Andreas Spreitzer of Weingut Spreitzer and Hans Reisetbauer of Reisetbauer Spirits (who will also bring his award winning apple cider), will be in attendance to discuss the beverage pairings. So basically, it’s a wine and food lovers delight. Plus, once dinner is over, Kinfolk Studios (where Aska is housed) will be hosting an after-party with a DJ which is open to the public. Which, after the dinner and wine are over, treat yourself to a Next of Kin cocktail. It’s kombucha and aquavit and caraway and it makes everything right in the world.

Aska’s Wine Dinner is $195/person: 90 Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg

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