Thanks To Crowd Funding A New Restaurant Got A Pizza Oven, Opens In One Week

The Hyland’s new pizza oven burning bright. Photo via Pizza Test Kitchen

If funding pizza artistry is wrong, we don’t wanna be right.

We’re living in an era of grassroots investment opportunities and the latest benefactors of that movement are Matt and Emily Hyland who successfully raised $16,000 on Kickstarter to fund the purchase of their fancy new wood-burning pizza oven. Next week they plan to open the doors of their new Clinton Hill restaurant, Emily, on January 22.

Emily will serve sweet and savory pies with flavor combinations like honey and pistachio and toppings that include Taleggio cheese, soppressata (which Matt insists is not just a fancy version of pepperoni) , truffle spread alongside more run-of-the-mill pizza accoutrements. Matt Hyland will act as head chef after a stint at April Bloomfield’s Spotted Pig and as co-owner of a Neapolitan pizza joint in Park Slope.

For a preview of the deliciousness the Hylands plan on serving up, visit Matt’s blog Pizza Test Kitchen.

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