Pack Your Bags, Cleveland’s The New Brooklyn

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Even if “the New Brooklyn” is really just real estate and urban planning shorthand for “a city with a growing economy and burgeoning arts community,” no reason not to take it all literally and plan our moves to the midwest (or the south) now so we can get in on the ground floor, right? Cool, so say goodbye to your favorite bar (and everyone you know), and start thinking about your choices: Cleveland, Louisville, or Detroit.

Per Fortune Magazine, all three cities are likely contenders for the coveted “Next Brooklyn” title, with Louisville at 91% odds, Detroit at 39%, and Cleveland at 63%, based partially on “not one, not two, but three Williamsburg-esque neighborhoods” emerging in the midwest metropolis. And, as Cleveland Scene points out, media outlets have been hyping the city’s comeback for a while now, with some outlets going so far as to call it “the Next Silicon Valley.” And, uh, anecdotally, I have a friend who just moved to Columbus, which is in the same state, so my money’s on Cleveland here. Seems like as nice a place as any to sit back, save some money on rent, and gloat at the poor souls in Puerto Rico, Woonsocket, and Fresno. Fortune called those places “the new Detroits.”

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  1. One must look beyond the “hip” neighborhoods and also look at both the city and state’s level of inclusion. The racial segregation of two out of the three cities and the fact none of the three states these cities are in are terribly welcoming to the LGBTQ community I’d say that I’m comfortable staying in BK, even if I am working multiple jobs just to rent on a hovel.

  2. @Plinf,
    Cleveland is hosting the 2014 Gay Games and home to one of the largest LGBTQ populations in the US. I would hope you would find CLE quite welcoming. 🙂


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