Bushwick’s Evergreen Ice Cream Has Closed, To Be Replaced By Chuko Ramen


After a relatively short tenure in the neighbor (they just opened their doors this past April), Bushwick’s Evergreen Ice Cream has shuttered, and owner Francisco Garcia tells Bushwick Daily, “I closed the shop to rent it out to a larger tenant.”

Sad, but on a brighter note, the larger tenant in question is Prospect Heights staple Chuko Ramen, which will be opening a similar-to-the-original restaurant in the space, complete with a 70-seat bar, according to Eater. The restaurant should hopefully be open by the spring, and in the meantime, Dillinger’s finally opened up next door, so if you still have a specific hankering to hang out at the corner of Evergreen and Jefferson, toast to the end of an ice cream parlor with some dumplings and vodka. As is customary.

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