Your Motivational, High Energy (But Not So Motivational and Energizing That It’s Annoying) Workout Playlist


Exercising is not easy, which explains why we turn to everything we can to help us through it: expensive water bottles, high-tech equipment, distance-tracking apps, shirts from the future made out of material that keeps us warm while absorbing sweat. At the top of the list is a workout playlist — one that motivates, helps the time go by, distracts from the pain, and boosts our heart rate. It needs to be intense but not so intense that listening to it in a stationary position would wear us out. Spirited but not so spirited that it’s annoying. Peppy but also a little gritty, given that you’re going through hell at the time of its listening. Putting together the ideal soundtrack is clearly a complicated process. We’re here to help (and have conveniently bundled the tracks below in a Spotify playlist for your health and pleasure).


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