How Healthy Is Your Neighborhood?


We’ve always had a rather complicated relationship with health and wellness, probably because so much of it involves personal responsibility and making difficult decisions that mean abstaining from things that we really, really like to do, even though we know that they’re really, really bad for us. So we thought that instead of internalizing health and wellness, we’d abdicate our own contributions to our well-being and externalize the whole thing by ignoring how healthy we are individually and instead check in on how healthy our surroundings are. After all, what’s the point of declining that third bourbon when you live in a neighborhood that doesn’t even have a park for you to run in if you actually decided to be healthy one day? All we’re saying is—just like people—not all neighborhoods are created equally when it comes to health and wellness.

Take a look at just how healthy your neighborhood is and then feel good about the fact that you can blame your bad habits on something other than your own poor decision-making. Blame it on Bushwick. Always blame it on Bushwick.


  1. Seriously…this is a efing terrible article. You just picked numbers out of your ass, stupid outdated pictures, and vomited them onto another sh!t blog article. Bravo.


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