’wichcraft Underwent A Massive Credit Card Hack, Customer Information May Be Compromised


Just after news of the major hack into Target’s credit card system, a smaller-scale but still-perturbing hack seems to have hit ‘wichcraft (which has locations all over the city and is reportedly coming to Brooklyn soon), possibly resulting in theft of customer data for a two month period between August and October.

The company’s president released a statement yesterday explaining the incident as follows:

‘wichcraft Operating, LLC recently learned that an unauthorized party gained access to our systems, compromising the payment card information of certain customers who made purchases at a ‘wichcraft location in New York or San Francisco using a payment card from approximately August 11, 2013 to October 2, 2013. Based on our investigation, the information accessed by the unauthorized party may have included names, payment card numbers, security codes and expiration dates. Not all of these data elements were accessed for each affected customer.
After learning of this incident, we quickly took steps to secure the system to help prevent this type of issue from reoccurring. We are working with law enforcement authorities in their investigation of the incident and also working closely with the relevant payment card brands to share information about the incident.

We take our obligation to safeguard your personal information very seriously. We are alerting affected customers about this incident so they can take steps to help protect their information.

Scary news if you happen to have bought a sandwich in Manhattan in the past few months. Or really, scary news if you don’t happen to operate on a strictly off-the-grid, cash-only basis in all of your personal and professional dealings. Pretty cool system we’ve all set up for ourselves, huh?

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