The Post Is Still Fighting The Good Fight Against Truffle Oil

Photo via  Christian Johnston/New York Post
Photo via Christian Johnston/New York Post

True to form, on the last day of the year, the Post‘s food critic (and known Brooklyn antagonist) Steve Cuozzo has unleashed a spectacularly crazy worst-of-2013 rant.

It’s all predictable enough—restaurants won’t give him bread! everything’s too expensive! silent dinners in Greenpoint are “preceded by yakking and followed by yucking”!—but does include an unexpected swipe against truffle oil, of all things:

“Typically made from sunflower seed oil and not an amoeba of truffle, it turns every dish it touches, from Cherry’s tuna tart to Anassa’s cuttlefish risotto, to skank.”

Skank! A very strong word for an ingredient whose ubiquity has actually calmed down significantly in the past year or so. Or a very strong word for just about anything. Regardless, by this time next year, we can assume he’ll have moved on to hating Sriracha.

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