Things We Could Be Talking About Besides How Much Love Actually Actually Sucks

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For whatever reason (The movie’s 10 year anniversary? Hatred of the holiday spirit?), blogging about how Love Actually is terrible has become A Thing this year. It was funny the first time, innocuous the second, smug and insufferable every time thereafter. Like, yes, a commercially successful holiday-themed rom-com with a celeb-studded ensemble cast isn’t as good as Blue Is The Warmest Color, or even It’s A Wonderful Life, or maybe even The Santa Clause. The gender politics are deeply questionable, the characters flimsy, the sentiment schmaltzy. Super unexpected for a film of this genre that’s been circulating for a full decade, yes? So much so that every major online publication is professionally obligated to publish full essays on the subject?

Anyway, a starter list of things we could be devoting our mental energies to instead:

1. Rob Ford GIFS

2. Holiday cookies, ranked

3. Holiday cheese plate options, ranked

4. Whitman Sampler flavors, ranked

5. Your loved ones

6. Holiday movies we don’t hate

7. Anything at all!

8. Sitting in comfortable silence

9. Buzzfeed’s comprehensive round-up of the movie’s turtlenecks, the one exception to this rule.

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  1. Just Google Love Actually terrible movie and you will see. But even that doesn’t really express how terrible this movie is. Watching this movie is simply ruining your evening.


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