Malcolm X Probably Didn’t Want To Sell Overpriced Brooklyn Real Estate

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 3.53.04 PM

Not trying to be too presumptuous and speak for anyone from beyond the grave, but… seems like a fair guess, yes? That Malcolm X wasn’t dying to use his legacy to drive up real estate prices in Bed-Stuy, or anywhere?

Well, no one gets everything they want. Via Gothamist, has been circulating the above ad for apartments in Bed-Stuy (the neighborhood, you may recall, they troll-ily dubbed “the new Williamsburg.”) To be fair, if the amount of new apartment developments and brownstone renovations we’ve been seeing in the area are any indication, Malcolm X blvd. does sort of “mark the spot” when it comes to Bed-Stuy’s exploding real estate market. Still, we’d all probably be better off having never seen this.

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