Eskayel: Dreamy Designs Transposed Onto Everyday Objects


NO. 10


Dreamy Designs Transposed Onto Everyday Objects

Inspired by both the earthly and celestial, the patterns created by Shanan Campanaro for her brand Eskayel often evoke otherworldly dreamscapes where delicate, muted colors interact with each other in fractal-like patterns, entrancing the viewer. Campanaro, a graduate of London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, worked in fashion before starting her home line, a switch she was ready to make because “home is so much more permanent. It’s about creating an environment to live in rather than something to throw away after a few seasons.” Campanaro’s designs (which she creates with pen and watercolor and then has digitally transferred to textiles, wallpaper, and other home items) are inspired by nature, and have the same sort of mesmerizing quality as do a rilling brook or a star-strewn sky.


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