Should Local Businesses Have To Cater To Cyclists?

Image via Streets Blog
Image via Streets Blog

A new minor neighborhood controversy to consider: the new “Bike Friendly Business District” effort, which has seen more than 60 business owners along Atlantic Ave. going out of their way to entice cyclists to get off their bikes and spend a little local money via discounts and other incentives. Seems pretty straightforward and unimpeachable, no?

Apparently not, as the Daily News managed to find at least one person highly opposed to all of it: local community board member Anthony Ibelli, who voted against support for the program, and told the paper, “I don’t have anything against bikes, but these guys are irresponsible. Putting a plastic lid on your head does not make you invulnerable to an injury.” Ibelli also cited the many, pretty indisputable dangers and irritations cyclists who, say, blow through red lights or ride the wrong way on streets tend to pose to pedestrians and drivers.

All of which is true, but then, seems like a fairly safe bet at this point that bike culture isn’t going away any time soon. May as well help small businesses do what they can to make some money off of it.

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