Want to Spend $1,800 on a Bottle of Bourbon? Brooklyn’s Got You Covered!

Pay your rent or buy a bottle of bourbon? Decisions! c/o businessinsider.com

Via Grub Street, we just discovered that the elusive Pappy van Winkle bourbon is available for purchase…right here in Brooklyn! But, well. You might want to temper your enthusiasm because the cost of a bottle is more than some people pay for rent.

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However, if you are the kind of person who has no problem spending $1,800 (plus, we guess, tax) on a single bottle of alcohol, then you’ll want to get yourself over to Midwood’s Schnapps Liquor store today (before 3:45, because the store owners observe Shabbat) and scoop up what has been called the “white whale” of bourbon. How can anyone rationalize doing such a thing? I have absolutely no idea. It’s not rational. It’s not a reasonable thing to spend that much money on something that you will soon enough expel from your peehole (pretty sure that’s the medical term.) But people do irrational things all the time, and spend unbelievable amounts of money on comestibles and other disposable goods, so why not bourbon? It’s your money. Do what you want. We’ll be walking the gray streets of DUMBO, taking slugs of the more reasonably priced Angel’s Envy, but you do you.

Schnapps Liquors, 404 Avenue M, Midwood

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