Big Snow To Officially Bid Us Farewell With Shows At Shea Stadium, Silent Barn

Photo via Lauren Carol Smith/Bedford and Bowery
Photo via Lauren Carol Smith/Bedford and Bowery

Beloved Bushwick DIY venue Big Snow Buffalo lodge closed in abrupt, incredibly sad fashion this summer after co-owner Yoni David was struck in the arm by a stray bullet outside the building, and is now saying its final goodbyes with two benefit-slash-farewell shows, one at Silent Barn, the other at Shea Stadium, the Village Voice reports.

David was caught in the crossfire of a dispute back in July, and said, “Pretty much anything you can imagine in somebody’s arm is fucked up in my arm. I have nerve damage. I have muscle damage. I have tendon damage. I have a huge excess of scar tissue built up in my arm that tendons are stuck on.”

He will, however, be drumming with Leapling and Baked during their respective sets, and says, “I go to physical therapy and it’s like, ‘Let’s fucking do this! Let’s make this work.’ Then I started playing drums and I got really motivated. Now the drumming is just a part of my recovery. The playing actually really helps. It’s a great exercise for my hand. It’s just now starting to sound good again.”

The first show will be at Silent Barn tomorrow night with a lineup including Twin Sister, Leapling, Ava Luna, Celestial Shore, Zula; the second will be at Shea Stadium on Thursday, December 5th with Porches, Krill, Baked, LVL UP, Lost Boy, Bueno. Proceeds go to cover outstanding bills incurred from Big Snow’s abrupt closure. We’re sad to see them go, but this feels like exactly the right way for the DIY community to say goodbye.

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