Where to Eat Goat in Brooklyn


The holidays often serve as a showcase for fringe alterna-meats, like chickens stuffed inside of ducks stuffed inside of turkeys. But there’s one highly sustainable protein that still hasn’t gotten its due in America, and organizations like Heritage Foods USA are doing their best to change that. They launched their No Goat Left Behind campaign in 2011, in an effort to introduce diners to goat (the most widely consumed meat in the world), and provide an environmentally sound end market for dairy animals. And last month, over 50 restaurants participated in their Goatober programming, serving special menus and dishes focused around local, pasture-grazed goats, raised to Heritage Foods specifications.

But just because it’s almost December doesn’t mean that you should go back to subsisting entirely on beef and pork. Because plenty of borough eateries continue to promote goat, and we’ve rounded up a few of the most notable dishes.



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