Stuck in New York? Here Are Five Ways to Get Through the Long, Cold Weekend


Probably you’ve noticed that the weather in New York City right now is crazy. Possibly you’re kicking yourself for not having planned your escape from New York better (which, what’s wrong with you? everybody is talking about leaving New York, so you really have no excuse). Maybe you’re close to accepting the fact that you will not be going home to eat turkey with your family, or that you’re not going to be somewhere warm and sunny, instead of in cold, dreary Brooklyn. Oh, what a world.

But cheer up! Just because your travel plans have been thwarted, doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of great things to do in New York this weekend. Over at New York magazine, there’s a very sad list of things to do if you’re all alone this weekend, and it involves a microwaved burrito and cranberry sauce and even though that’s a semi-valid meal choice, I think all of us trapped in New York can do better, right? Right. Here’s some stuff to do/see/read/eat/drink that’ll make the weekend go by faster than if you just spent it staring inside your microwave, watching a burrito bubble and burn.


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