Someone In Bensonhurst Found An Emmy In The Trash


However improbably, the award was picked up by local actor Ismael Cekic, who tells the Brooklyn Paper he found it in a box of discarded trophies near his home on 28th Ave., and is bringing it to tomorrow’s Anthology Archives screening of Vamp Bikers (a locally-made movie in which he makes an appearance), on the off-chance whoever through it in the trash to begin with wants to come re-claim it.

“I want to return it,” Cekic said, “because I’m curious who this person is, who worked so hard to get that award.” Which is fair enough, though based on how much Cekic seems to be enjoying it (“I close my eyes and picture myself up on stage,” he tells Brooklyn Paper), would whoever threw this thing in the trash in the first place really want to go out of their way to take it back from him? Regardless, a reminder that even those of us too squeamish for full-on dumpster diving could stand to keep a closer eye out in our day-to-day. There’s a lot of good junk floating around out there.

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  1. I am the person who found the emmy and I want to correct your story, I only want the emmy to go back to its original winner , not any one else , ty


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