Did You Know JFK Made Several Paintings of Brooklyn?

Photo via John McInnnis auctions
Photo via John McInnnis auctions

On a day of wall-to-wall JFK coverage, an unexpected local angle, via the Brooklyn Daily Eagle: this nice little watercolor, which Kennedy painted of Sheepshead Bay in 1960.

Along with two other Brooklyn paintings by the former president (one of the Marine Parkway Bridge, another of boats in Sheepshead bay), it’ll go up for auction later this afternoon at John McInnis auctioneers in Massachusetts. So by all means, if you have money and time to blow today, hustle over to Amesbury and see if you can’t snap these up. Or just quietly enjoy the fact that JFK spent any time at all idly making watercolors of Brooklyn, and reminisce for a time when presidential paintings weren’t all puppies and nude self-portraits.

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