You Could Move To Colorado Right Now To Be The Weed Editor Of The Denver Post

You, at work.
You, at work.

It may be explicitly against our editorial mission to encourage any of you to even move to another borough, let alone to the other side of the country, but this seems worth at least a heads-up: an editor for The Denver Post tweeted yesterday that the paper, located as it is in one of the two U.S. states with legal, recreational marijuana, is looking to hire a weed editor. Per an image of the job listing he posted, “The Denver Post is hiring an editor to oversee the development and maintenance of a recreational marijuana website.”

It all sounds very legit. And an ideal opportunity to cut your teeth on the front lines of the burgeoning weed reporting industry so you can burst back onto the scene when New York finally gets it together to legalize? If nothing else, we’d very much appreciate it if someone were to send us a compilation of the best (and worst) cover letters they get for this. Seems like a good chance there’d be some gems in there.

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