Another Fancy Hotel Is Coming to Williamsburg, This One Off the Lorimer L Stop

It won't look like this for long.
It won’t look like this for long.

Further proof that Williamsburg’s burgeoning hotel boom is in full swing: reports that a developer has purchased on a huge plot of land off the Lorimer stop, with plans to turn it into a 65,000 square foot hotel.

“As Williamsburg has transformed over the past several years, developers have largely focused on residential projects. Our team sees tremendous value in providing a unique lodging option with a substantial food and beverage component to the area,” said a partner at Synapse Capital, which bought the land in conjunction with Pan Brothers Associates.

Reportedly, the project, located at 280 Meeker and 646 Lorimer, will involve a “100-key hotel with indoor/outdoor food and beverage space, ground floor retail, and a 10-unit residential building.” In other words, the comparatively low-key bars and restaurants around the Lorimer stop are about to get a lot more crowded.

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