A Dolphin Probably Died in Coney Island Yesterday

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New York Post

UPDATE: According to Brooklyn Daily: “This morning, police said that the dolphin was gone, but that they do not know where it went or when.”

A dolphin got stuck in Coney Island Creek yesterday when the tide receded, stranding it in two feet of water beneath the Cropsey Avenue Bridge, Brooklyn Daily reports. Experts hypothesized it may have been sick and seeking refuge. News reports indicated officials hoped the dolphin would swim out of the creek at high tide after 6pm yesterday evening, but most haven’t been updated since, apparently because it seems the dolphin is dead, but the death is difficult to confirm. “Shortly after 3pm, the dolphin attempted to beach itself, and then suddenly disappeared under the water,” ABC reported. “It had not been seen since then, and officials fear the dolphin may have died.” As one Gothamist commenter put it, “These stray-lone-dolphin-in-an-NYC-waterway stories crop up a couple of times a year, it seems, and they always end up being dead-dolphin stories. So it goes.”

In January, a dolphin got into the Gowanus Canal and died. (The canal is no stranger to unusual wildlife sightings.) Two years before that, a dolphin in Newtown Creek faced a similar fate. In February, a dead dolphin washed up on the beach at Coney Island, as another did in July. Starting that month, more than 300 dolphins died from New York to North Carolina, likely because of an epidemic of a measles-like disease for dolphins, the Daily News reported.
The North Atlantic population of dolphins is estimated between 7,000 and 9,000, meaning that almost four percent of the population died from the disease this summer—equivalent to more than 94,000 Brooklynites.
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