Invisible Bike Helmet Technology, And Other Ways Sweden Continues To Put Us All To Shame


Image via Focus Forward Films
Image via Focus Forward Films

Another reason, as if one were needed, to harbor deep-seated feelings of anxiety and inadequacy when comparing ourselves to residents of most Northern European nations: two Swedish designers have gone ahead and invented an invisible bike helmetIt’s expensive and still very much in its early stages, but potentially a pretty incredible game-changer, as well (explanatory video below):

Elsewhere in Sweden? A group of movie theaters has started incorporating the Bechdel test—which famously rates a movie based on whether it includes more than one female character, whether they ever speak to each other, and if they do, whether or not it’s about something besides a man—into the ratings they post for films. Not that we’re not confident Last Vegas will be a box office smash over there, but still, a very nice step.


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